Woodlawn Avenue Row Houses

Built in 1898, these historic row houses were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. Located at 75-81 Woodlawn Avenue, this row is one of the last remaining examples found in Buffalo's Masten neighborhood, which once boasted many examples of rows that are now lost. Right around the corner you can find the Emerson Place Row Houses which are still intact and doing well. This Woodlawn Row originally contained seven structures, however #71, #73 and #83 were demolished in the 1950s along with a neighboring row located one block down the street at 145 Woodlawn, which was lost to a fire in 2009. Woodlawn Row displays many of it's beautiful and original Stick style details, including the mansard roof design, denticulated cornice, projecting eaves, and clapboard sheathing. 
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