The Emerson Place Row Houses

33-61 Emerson Place Row is a set of historic rowhouses located within the Masten Park District on Buffalo's east side. These houses are one of the rare surviving examples of speculative multi-unit frame residences designed to resemble rowhouses in the city of Buffalo. The row is one of only two intact groups of similar housing remaining in the Masten neighborhood of north central Buffalo, the only area in the city where frame multi-unit rows were built in any concentration. Built in 1893 by Benjamin B. Rice, the row is comprised of two, seven-unit buildings. They exhibit the architectural details characteristic of several popular late 19th century styles of architecture, including Shingle style, Colonial Revival, and Eastlake. Due to their large size, identical detailing, and close proximity, the two buildings visually form a unified facade. The rowhouses were added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1986.
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There are a few other sets of rowhouses in Buffalo, and I plan on featuring them in the near future... stay tuned!
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