Wilkeson Pointe

As we head into prime sunset season, I ventured down to the Outer Harbor yesterday to try and catch some colorful evening pictures. Needless to say I wasn't disappointed, Wilkeson Pointe is a no-brainer if you want a front row seat for the sunset. I've shot here plenty of times over the years, which got me thinking about dedicating blog post to the park highlighting my favorite images. 
Most photographers have there own "style" if you will. Some like to portray a moody finish, crashing the blacks and leaving certain colors behind. Some lean towards the HDR finish, while others apply their go-to IG filter and call it a day. It got me thinking about my "style" - I like colors. I'm not talking about over-saturating every picture to the moon.... I'm talking about maximizing the colors that already exist in the picture when taken. When I edit my photos, I spend most of my time in the selective color/HSL sliders and levels. It doesn't leave my portfolio with a consistent "theme", but rather a very colorful, bright vibe. The reason I'm blabbing about this: my Wilkeson Pointe pictures reflect that. Here's a little background on the park, get your ass down there and enjoy a fall sunset!
Taken from www.nyfalls.com: Recently an overgrown and unused sliver of land along the outer harbor, this former Power Authority storage area has been transformed into one of the most beautiful parks in the region. Adorned with ornamental wind catchers, flowers, brand new paved pathways, slides for the children to play on, a gazebo, and spotted with marble ruins of an old structure once buried here, it’s no surprise that it’s hard to find Wilkeson Pointe empty on any given day. Travelers on the Outer Harbor Trail (up and down Fuhrmann Blvd) stop in for a rest, families spread out a picnic basket on the lawn near the beach, and a few old and young men took over the small dock to cast lures. And just like that the Buffalo City Ferry pulled into the slip and let out a dozen passengers.
The 14 acre park, just opened in June of 2013, has a beach, made from a former slip. Water quality concerns prevent swimming, but it is something the city wants to implement when the conditions are right. That doesn’t hurt the appeal of Wilkeson Point, so named for the builder of the seawall that formed the outer harbor. It is beautifully landscaped, with greenery, art, and artifacts, and the smooth paved path allows cyclists and pedestrians to see all the park has to offer in a few minutes, while grassy lawns, play areas, and beautiful views invite them to stay longer. And this is just the beginning: another 6 acres are set aside for future development. 
Take an afternoon and enjoy everything the Outer Harbor has to offer. Next door is favorite Times Beach Nature Preserve. Further down Fuhrmann Blvd is  Buffalo's Main LighthouseGallagher Beach and the Cargill Pool Grain Elevator
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