Zoom Buffalo

OK, I might be a little obsessed with my newest lens: Nikon 300mm F4. I originally picked this up to get more serious with birding (which I still intend to do), however I'm having much more fun using this as a cityscape lens. The 300 allows me to capture views that are truly unique around the city, giving me the flexibility to compress a view or reach details that would be off limits otherwise.
The idea for this post came during my very first outing with the lens, after just a couple shots. How cool would it be, I thought, to feature a series of images showing off the topĀ of Buffalo buildings and zoomed views throughout the city? As soon as the idea was planted, I began climbing parking ramps and revisiting certain vantage points around town. Although it was tempting to dust off the drone to help, all of these shots were taken with my Nikon and 300mm lens. Here are the results, as always I hope you enjoy!
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