The Colors of the Electric Tower

I'm a sucker for illuminated buildings at night in our skyline. Over the past few of years, I've casually paid attention to the Electric Tower and the various colors it illuminates based on occasion or the time of year. Earlier this year, the tower received new LED lighting treatment by its owner Iskalo Development, giving it better lighting features and more color options. Most of these images are from the old system, however a few at the bottom show off the new LED system, which is much cleaner and bright. This past summer, Mayor Byron Brown spearheaded Buffalo LIT (Landmark Illumination Team) in effort to coordinate more of Buffalo's building owners to illuminate in the same color patterns. Currently the Electric Tower, Buffalo City Hall, Buffalo Place and the Peace Bridge are a part of the LIT program. 
Each of these nine photographs were shot using my 300mm telephoto lens, standing on Washington Street near the post office building. Here are the colors and events displayed in my nine photographs: 1) Daytime shot, no lights, 2) White lights, no event, 3) All blue, in memory of the late Buffalo Police Officer Craig Lehner, 4) Blue, white and red for Memorial Day, 5) Purple for domestic violence awareness, 6) Blue and gold for the Sabres home opener, 7) White, green and red for the Christmas holiday, 8) All red for cancer awareness, 9) White, green and orange for Thanksgiving. 
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