Showshoeing in Sculpture Park

Eight years ago I proposed to my beautiful wife at the Tamarack Club in Ellicottville a few days before Christmas. Every December since then we've made it a tradition to spend the night out in there and to do something fun, like tubing, skiing or a number of the other local attractions found there. This year we decided to rent some snowshoes from Colden Ski Shop (A+ business, BTW) and make a pit stop at Sculpture Park on our way down to Ellicottville. Simply put, it was the best decision ever! There was a strong fog yesterday and anyone who's familiar with Sculpture Park knows how high up in the hills it is, putting us right in the thick of the fog rolling through. Another bonus: It snowed the previous two days and there was a fresh coat of powder, making the snowshoeing conditions ideal. Here's a series of photos from our adventure, I hope you enjoy!
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