Ohio Street Bridge

The Ohio Street Bridge connects part of Silo City to Buffalo's First Ward neighborhood south of downtown. Completed in 1962, the bridge is tower driven and operates with a vertical lift to efficiently allow Great Lake freighters to pass thru to unload at the grain silos nearby. Boasting a steel deck, the bridge is a testament to the history of Buffalo's industrial significance.
There were two bridges previously at this location, the first one completed as early as 1866, operating as a swing bridge that swung about a turntable on a pier built in the middle of the stream. As ships became larger, the original bridge was replaced in 1904 with the world's first Brown bascule bridge. This innovative structure used a balance technique that raised one end while lowering the other, allowing wider and taller vessels to pass with ease. 
The lead image is one of my favorite views from the Ohio Street bridge, as well as one of my most popular "urban" selling photographs. The images below are a few of my favorite views from the bridge and trail ways nearby, enjoy!
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