Buy A Print, Feed The Front Lines

Hey everyone, Mike Shriver here to say hi. I hope everyone is staying safe during these unique times. I truly believe Buffalo is the city of good neighbors, and I'm so inspired by the positive stories of how we're coming together as a community right now. One of these stories is WNY Feeds The Front Line, a Buffalo nonprofit that delivers meals from local restaurants to the healthcare workers who are keeping our city safe right now. These people are risking their lives to protect our entire community, and I wanted to find a way to support them through my passion project Buffalo Photo Blog.
For the month of April, Buffalo Photo Blog will be donating 100% of our profits to WNY Feeds The Front Line. We've set a goal to raise $5,000 by the end of April through selling photography prints of our beautiful city. Buy a print, feed the front line. You can hang up some Buffalo pride on your home's walls, or in your office when we're all united again, and also provide support to our region's medical workers. 
Purchases can be made through our Etsy store, or donations can be made directly to the WNY Feeds The Front Line website. Here is a breakdown of where your dollars go with every purchase:

8" x 10" photo print = $30. WNY Feeds The Front Line receives = $14
11" x 14" photo print = $50. WNY Feeds The Front Line receives = $33
16" x 20" photo print = $90. WNY Feeds The Front Line receives = $62
16" x 20" canvas print = $205. WNY Feeds The Front Line receives = $142
20" x 30" canvas print = $350. WNY Feeds The Front Line receives = $249
16" x 20" metal print = $225. WNY Feeds The Front Line receives = $158
20" x 30" metal print = $425. WNY Feeds The Front Line receives = $341​​​​​​​
A few important details about your potential order: 

- The delta outlined above in purchase price vs. what WNY Feeds The Front Line receives are hard costs in the transaction (purchase of print at discount provided by Printique, shipping costs to your doorstep, and Etsy transaction fee's for each order.)
- Photo prints (first 3 options) are print only (no matting or framing, too difficult to ship unfortunately). 
- Canvas & metal prints are ready to hang, and come with everything needed to install. Additional details on my Etsy page. 
- Shipping: Lead times will be a little bit longer than normal given the current climate. Expect your order in 2-3 weeks after being placed. I will send your tracking information via Etsy once it ships.

In summary, THANK YOU for checking this out. We will be promoting each week how much $$ is raised with special call-outs along the way. At the end of April, we will be delivering the check! Stay safe out there, and thank our medical workers when you see them. Any questions at all, please reach out - I would love to hear from you. 
4/25/20 UPDATE
131 Orders placed!
$8,200 raised so far!
$100 Cash donation = $250 photo package available for curbside pickup! Package will be a variety of photographs I have in stock, some packages will include coasters and framed prints. Curbside pickup will begin the second Saturday of May, qualified customers will get further details.
Final Update!
We have raised $9,620 dollars across 200+ orders in April for WNY Feeds The Front Line! I'm blown away by everyone's support and generosity. Buffalo, the city of good neighbors <3 
I need to highlight the partners who are helping make this initiative possible: ​​​​​​​

Rise Collaborative, who is leading our communication strategy and overall go to market for this initiative. They are also adding $5 to the first 50 orders placed! They bring you local news and entertainment through their website, No Boundaries print magazine, and LIFTED Podcast. A truly great team that does so much for WNY., who will be fulfilling 100% of the orders placed in this campaign. During a challenging time, this NYC print shop dug deep to give me exclusive discounts for this cause, allowing our dollars to go further to the Buffalo community. I can't thank you enough for that.

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