Buffalo Savings Bank

Arguably one of Buffalo's most iconic & photographed buildings is the "Goldome" located at Main and Huron Streets. After 5 years of blogging about Buffalo, I finally made it inside this beauty a few weeks ago during Explore Buffalo's "Doors Open Tour". I've collected many images of the outside over the years, but I've been hesitant to make a post about this building until I was able to photograph inside - the wait was worth it! 
Built in 1901 by Green & Wicks, this beautiful Beaux Arts Classical style building is loaded with so much detail and history! From the "Steps to Success" at the entrance to the top of the golden finial on the dome, this building was designed to convey an impression of prosperity and stability to the public and it's customers. Constructed with over 400 tons of steel, this build was one of the most extravagant projects of its time when many buildings were still constructed with wood. The gold leafed dome uniquely stands out in the Buffalo skyline, having been restored several times over the past 120 years and most recently in 1998. Another distinct feature includes the 9' clock facing Main Street (see my healthy obsession of "The Clocks of Buffalo" here!)  
Part of Buffalo's unfortunate past is the loss/demolition of some incredible structures (The Buffalo Public Library, The Erie County Savings Bank, The Larkin Administration Building just to name a few). Thankfully, Buffalo didn't demolish everything, leaving us amateur photographers and regular people some history to still admire in person (Goldome, Shea's Theatre, Richardson Complex etc.). Here are a few of my favorites over the years - I hope you enjoy!
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