Night Moves

With summer finally in full swing, downtown Buffalo becomes a little less desolate at night. Restaurants stay open a little later, the Canalside concert series bring in waves of suburbanites, and people can walk, bike or pedal tour to additional venues without worrying about frostbite. It also gives us amateur photographers the opportunity to walk the city at night in reasonable comfort. Night photography has always been fun for me because I feel like I can be much more creative compared to daytime. When I shoot during the day, I tend to "setup" at a certain place with my tripod and gear, focusing on the subject for a bit and finding that perfect frame and composition. I could spend 1-2 hours at one spot applying different techniques until I get the results I want. At night my approach is way different - I'm constantly on the go looking for that next bokeh opportunity or weird lighting situation. I almost never have a plan of attack, and sometimes that's refreshing. It's not what I focus on, but it's a good mixup to my normal approach. Plus I usually meet a few sketchy people to keep it exciting. 
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